Dark, sexy vibes for this 1930s LA living room

My obsession with LA architecture is no secret to anybody who knows me, so when I was given the opportunity to design this living room, complete with molding and a fireplace (!), I was thrilled. This space was just so similar to my beloved apartment in Los Feliz, which I tragically abandoned when I moved to San Diego. My client’s top request was that the vibe of the space be “sexy.” She already had the super sensual artwork—Art Nouveau advertisements and ladies with smoky curlicues—so those served as the inspiration, along with that fireplace.

Here’s how it looked before:

She had just had the carpet removed and had the floors underneath stained and refinished. Now whoever had covered hardwood floors with carpet should go to design jail. That’s a rather long and boring rant for another time, but that’s why there’s plastic covering the shelves, etc. Side note: how cute is her pup? Not sure he loved the refinished oak as much as I did.

The crown molding was the other detail that stood out for me (obviously). After the crown molding ended, there was wall, and then an additional molding trim below that. For maybe understandable reasons, previous painters had not known how to deal with this, and had painted the lower molding the same color as the wall.

Wall/molding detail:

So, knowing that I wanted to make the fireplace the big feature, I proposed painting the walls white, and the molding and fireplace DARK. Like even darker than where we ended up, but ultimately we landed on a midnight blue. We used the white of the walls to break up the molding on the fireplace. This white is my absolute favorite paint color right now. It's bright and warm and you can't help but feel happy in a room this color.

Add in some leather chairs, a marble table, some brass accents, a silky rug, and I think we’ve got ourselves a pretty sexy living room.

Here's the style guide:

1. Leather Chair | 2. Velvet Pillow | 3. Brass Wire Figurine | 4. Poppy Pod Figurine | 5. Marble + Wood Coffee Table | 6. Rug | 7. Dip-dyed Throw | 8. Westhighland White + Dark Night Paint Colors | 9. Brass Steer Skull

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