Why all-white office spaces are so right for creatives

I used to think white walls were so boring…so unimaginative…so uninspiring. I was so wrong. If you’re a creative, than an all white office is definitely for you. Trust me. Just look how clean, organized, and, in fact, inspiring, this white on white on white studio for Akula Kreative is!

Here’s the thing. You want your office to be inspiring, right? That’s the most important thing about your work space when you're a creative. Well, that inspiration comes from all your stuff. Color, pattern, shapes, photos. Those things are still there. But you’ve given them a more soothing setting from which to pop.

I mean look at this watercolor artwork that Nikki, my friend who is the genius designer behind Akula Kreative / Pretty Peas Paperie, made for herself. She's also responsible for the Rookery Design logo and branding, which I am so in love with.

And these accessories. I designed the built in for her in-home studio in Texas, but I’m in California, so she had to take on the styling. Her skills are truly on point. She's also crazy good at organization, obviously.

Now the second most important thing about your workspace, after being inspiring, is actually being able to do work in it. Ok, maybe that’s the most important thing, but you can’t do work if you’re not inspired! With an all white starting point, everything will feel cleaner and more restful, and your mind will follow. Also, all this white is light and bright and cheery. Everyone wants to feel happy when they’re working.

The sad news is that my office walls aren’t white. In fact, they’re this fairly disgusting mud grey color. After painting our 14 feet high walls in the living room/kitchen PLUS the ceiling which, as mentioned, was 14 feet above the ground, plus our bedroom, we just didn’t have it in us to tackle the “extra” rooms. We did it all ourselves. I think at last my days as a DIY-er are over. DI-someone else from now on. Also, we don’t plan to be in this house for too much longer, so it was a lot of effort for not enough payoff. It haunts me though, guys, it really does. I’ve made do with all white, high gloss (LOVE!) office furniture, and I will just have to sit tight until the beautiful all white office of my dreams can be fully realized. Until then, I’ll continue to covet my own designs from afar. It's not so bad, though, because this has all been featured on Style Me Pretty Living, where you can find way more awesome photos (taken by Kimberly Chau) of the studio.

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