How to add some pumpkin spice to your home

I have resisted the arrival of fall until today because a) I love summer, from the weather, to the colors, to my birthday being in July and b) it has been 90+ degrees in San Diego, the leafs don’t change, and it just hasn’t felt like fall at all. But now it does! It has actually been below 60 degrees in the mornings and I am actually craving soup. In addition to PSLs and #sweaterweather, this means it’s time to all a little fall flavor to your home styling. I’m sharing my tips to transition to fall without going full on Halloween or Thanksgiving theme.

1. Start with your entry

Besides cute pumpkins on your doorstep, adding a fall wreath and you can easily trick everyone into thinking you have totally master fall decor. I mean check out this DIY wreath. It is just so chic and perfect.


2. Make it cozy with pillows and throws

This is about more than just changing the colors. It’s also about changing fabrics. In spring and summer, you use lighter colors and light fabrics like cottons and linens. Now it’s time for something warmer, in both tone and material. Think wool, cashmere, and flannel.


3. Create a fall tablescape

I love this festive table with artichokes, branches, and berries. Adding a natural runner like this linen, or even some burlap, is also a really nice, neutral way to bring in fall colors and elements while still being subtle.


4. Bring the fall foliage inside

This reminds me of something… Oh, that’s right. It’s my favorite styling secret. You need to include something living in your space. For fall, instead of greens and pastel flowers, it’s all about branches and autumn leafs.


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