Mid-century modern master bedroom reveal

Rookery Design_Master Bedroom

Now this is a transformation. This is our new master bedroom in all of it’s glory. It’s not that it was bad before, necessarily, it’s just that it had the potential to be so. much. better. First, let’s see what we were working with. That is what it looked like when we bought the house. The furniture was for staging and is not mine.

Rookery Design_Master_Before

The rest of the house had been really nicely updated (technically flipped). They had actually kept the original hardwood floors, which is great because we kept walking into flips during our house search and would see laminate and I would immediately get angry. Sometimes I even took it out on the poor realtor. But seriously, there were craftsman houses from the 1910s and 1920s that should have had oak wood floors and instead it was laminate and I just wanted someone to know that these house were literally being ruined.

But our house was not! The updates that the owner had made were vintage inspired, and they had kept the original cabinetry and wood flooring. Our bedroom was a different story because it was an addition that came much later than the rest of the house, which was built in 1948. So the bedroom had carpet, which was not great, but I guess okay. Also the space was HUGE. Here’s a floor plan so you can actually understand, because it’s hard to comprehend that much space sometimes. It’s actually too much, and I still need to fill in some of the extra areas, but we can do that later.

I created a mood board I created for the room, just like I would for a client. We mostly stuck to it, though we ended up doing a ceiling fan instead of the George Nelson pendant. I’m usually a ceiling fan hater, but the one we chose is actually quite sexy. Even better is the fact that it doesn’t rattle with every rotation.

Rookery Design_Master_Mood Board

Obviously we replaced the carpet. Ideally, it would be solid oak that matched the main part of the house, but that wasn’t in the budget and it’s not actually all that environmentally friendly to just have 2 inch thick planks of wood when you’re not ever going to sand down that far anyway, so we went with these super nice European oak engineered planks from Garrison. Oh my God this wood is so pretty and feels amazing to walk on and I just love it. The color is so warm and yummy. I could go on, but I won’t.

Rookery Design_Master_Garrison Du Bois Floor

We also painted the ceiling white. I know I declared in another blog post that I would never do that again, but I did it. I think it might be like child birth where you forget about the pain because it ends up being totally worth it. It was totally worth it! Every day I wake up and stare up and the white ceiling and it makes me very happy, even though the process of painting made me very sad. No joke, one of my husband’s vows to me during our wedding (which just happened 2 months ago) was that he will always help me paint ceilings, because he knows me too well.

Rookery Design_Master_Ceiling

We installed this amazing wallpaper from Farrow and Ball, which gave the room lots of personality. It has a really interesting hand-painted kind of texture to it, and obviously I love navy blue and the fact that it’s Japanese-inspired.

Rookery Design_Master Bedroom_2

The furniture we picked is a mix of vintage and new, which is perfect for us and for our house. Since our house is right at the start of mid-century style, we have incorporated a lot of that vibe, but it does have some traditional elements, too, so we are blending those styles, both in this room and throughout the rest of the house.

Rookery Design_Master Bedroom 3

Guys, do yourself a favor and get some linen bedding. It’s the best. Super soft and cozy. Don't you just want to climb in?

Rookery Design_Master_4

Here's the style guide from the finished space.

1. Farrow and Ball Aranami Wallpaper 2. LED Ceiling Fan 3. Modern Sleigh Bed 4. Mid-century Modern Sconce 5. Vintage Bedside Tables 6. Jute and Chenille Rug 7. Garrison Du Bois European Oak 8. Bench 9. Belgian Linen Bedding 10. Floor Mirror 11. Throw Blanket 12. Pillow 13. Enamel Vase 14. Bluetooth Clock Radio

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