Color trend for 2017: A happy shade of green

Guys, I always get excited when Pantone® announces its Color of the Year. For 2017, the color will be Greenery (15-0343). “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.”

I think it’s safe to say that we could definitely use some hope, optimism, and a total refresh in our lives right now, so in many ways, it’s the perfect shade for providing the promise of a fresh start. It’s a Spring color that invokes the regeneration that comes with the Spring season through nature coming back to life.

Now, how can we incorporate this bright yellow-green color into our decorating? Well, obviously we need to balance trend with classic design, but we can also consider the spirit of this color. You probably know, especially if you’ve read my guide 5 Secret Styling Tips to Transform Your Space, I’m a big fan of incorporating greenery (with a lowercase ‘g’) into your home.

Having plants and flowers in your home is important because it is bringing an actual living element into your space (besides the people, obviously, but they aren’t decor). Plants add color and texture, but not just any color and texture. Plants are the reason that the color green is associated with certain positive elements in color psychology. Green stands for nature, spring, rebirth, freshness, and vitality. Much of that amounts to hope and optimism. It’s also used to provide calm and serenity. In seasonal terms (though we don’t really have those in California), green is the symbol of surviving the bleakness of winter. We get another chance to do it all again.

Aside from Greenery-shaded greenery, how can we incorporate this color when we are styling our space? Recent trends have leaned more closely on deeper, tropical-inspired colors and patterns, which I think are still great. In fact, the 2013 Pantone® Color of the Year was Emerald. Interior design trends are a little slower to evolve compared with fashion, so I think we are still seeing this as a popular choice in design. Personally, I still prefer a deep, jewel-toned, sophisticated green, regardless of what the tastemakers and trendsetters tell me I’m supposed to do. After all, we want our design to be about what is right for us, not just what is on trend today or this year.

However, I give you permission to take a trend risk and go for it, especially if the color makes you happy, which this color is literally aimed at doing. The challenge with trends is that they risk looking dated very quickly, so maybe don’t go overboard. More specifically, the challenge with this color is that it can easily look like you’ve created a medical office waiting room, which, by the way, was designed intentionally using this color to make you feel hopeful, optimistic, and calm. Don’t give your home a medical office makeover. That’s all I’m saying. Keep it classy.

Pantone® has actually created a few color palettes that incorporate Greenery, and they are super helpful for putting this color into context. It's worth noting that you don't have to make Greenery your primary focus if you choose to use it. It is perfectly acceptable as a supporting color. Below are my favorite palettes from the color experts.

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